Calgary International preschool is expanding and hiring now:

If you love children to the maximum and you are qualified for one of the following positions, please write to us on:

List of Available Positions

  1. Qualified early year’s teachers, English and French native speakers. Job No: CIPS 101
  2. Arabic native speaker teacher. Job No: CIPS 100
  3. Academic coordinators. Job No: CIPS 102
  4. Early year’s education trainers. Job No: CIPS 103
  5. Coordinator. Job No: CIPS 104
  6. Qualified Secretary. Job No: CIPS 105
  7. Receptionist. Job No: CIPS 106
  8. Entertainers. Job No: CIPS 107
  9. Teacher’s assistance. Job No: CIPS 108
  10. Cleaners. Job No: CIPS 109
  11. Nurse. Job No: CIPS 110
  12. Driver. Job No: CIPS 111

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